Vision / Mission

The NATO CI COE will act as a catalyst for counterintelligence aspects NATO Operation, exercises, policies, concepts and strategies and will actively engage in all aspects of the Alliance’s counter-intelligence activities. It will conduct counter-intelligence focused courses, seminars, conferences and workshops in an effort to establish a Counter-Intelligence Community of Interest with the NATO Command Structure, NATO Force Structure and Sponsoring Nations. The NATO CI COE will support the development, promotion and implementation of new policies, concepts, strategies and doctrine that transform and enhance NATO counter-intelligence capabilities and interoperability.

The mission of the NATO CI COE is to enhance the counterintelligence capabilities of the Alliance, its Nations and Partners, to foster interoperability and provide comprehensive subject matter expertise on CI activities.



Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski paid a visit to the NATO Counter Intelligence Centre of Excellence. After being welcomed LTG Wojciechowski…   Continue